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Plumbing Services

At Koala Cooling, we offer all kinds of plumbing services to keep your home or business in good shape. Our skilled plumbers can fix everything from small leaks to big projects. We work hard to do a great job, treat our customers well, and charge fair prices.

We can help you with:

  • Finding and fixing leaks
  • Putting in new pipes or replacing old ones
  • Installing new fixtures or replacing old ones
  • Putting in or fixing water heaters
  • Cleaning and taking care of drains
  • Fixing or replacing sewer lines
  • Updating bathrooms and kitchens

Fixing Your Plumbing Issues

The plumbing system in your home is amazing and provides the many daily necessities you depend on. This includes having functioning sinks that drain down perfectly, toilets that never back up, the hot water you expect in your showers, and even the quality and taste of your water. Something is off and needs to be fixed when you can’t control the water temperature, your drain lines clog, and your water doesn’t taste particularly good. The next step is easy if you have a plumbing issue or require emergency services.

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Koala Cooling Plumbers Are Ready To Supply A 5-Star Service

From the moment you call, we want to provide excellent customer service! As a matter of fact, our team is constantly prepared to assist residents of Austin, Hutto, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, and nearby communities. In preparation for your upcoming service visit, the following is what you can anticipate from our technicians:

  • Expert plumbing repairs
  • Dependable installation and replacement of plumbing equipment
  • Knowledge of all manufacturers and types of plumbing equipment
  • Professional and prompt service calls
  • Plumbers with a license and experience
  • Instantaneous service responses
  • Fully stocks trucks

Water Heater Installation

Having a water heater that works well is important for any home or business. At Koala Cooling, we’re really good at putting in new water heaters or replacing old ones. We can help you choose the best type of water heater for your needs and budget, whether it’s a regular tank or a tankless one that saves energy.

We use high-quality water heaters from the best brands to make sure they work great and last a long time. Our team can install your new water heater quickly and easily, without messing up your day too much. We can also help you keep your water heater in good shape and fix it if there’s a problem.

Drain Cleaning

When your drains get clogged, it can be a big problem and might even lead to worse plumbing issues if you ignore it. At Koala Cooling, we offer professional drain cleaning services to keep your pipes running smoothly.

Our plumbers use special tools and techniques to get rid of even the toughest clogs, like:

  • Hydro jetting: Using strong water to blast away gunk and debris
  • Snaking: Using a bendy tool to break apart and remove clogs
  • Video camera inspections: Finding exactly where the clog is and what’s causing it

We can also help you prevent clogs by regularly cleaning and checking your drains to keep your plumbing in great shape.

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Imagine your plumbing issue Settled

Like most people, you might not give your plumbing much thought until something goes wrong. All of a sudden, nothing else matters!

Fortunately for you, we aren’t “most people.” At Koala Cooling, plumbing is a constant thought. Because of this, we’re always prepared to deliver the 5-Star Service that our customers expect and value. Contact us. We’ll be there to figure out the issue, offer solutions, and quickly resolve it. Issue Settled!

Every time a customer requests a service, Koala Cooling Plumbers work to be as effective as possible. To save you time and get your house back in working order, this entails diagnosing the issue, providing solutions, and making repairs. You can rely on us to take care of all your plumbing needs with our reasonable solutions and top-notch customer service.


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